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I like your changes to larger desires of society. Thanks for contributing them! Marcos 02:05, 1 August 2009 (UTC)

Some thoughts on wikis, open government and whatever else

Wikis for cities - wikis for the people - - - A wiki for New Yorkers... and wiki for Los Angelicans ... a wiki for Sau Paulians ... a wiki for Brazilians... a wiki for The United State's Americans... a wiki for all humans... wikis for principalities and jurisdictions... wikis that citizens and beurocrats can use to interact... dunno... they are starting to interact on Twitter.... hmm... Wikademia

And consider this: seeing the World itself as a giant wiki and each individual a sort of wikignome as well as author within. (Spot a piece of trash? Pick it up and put it in the bin.) The insect kingdom it kind of like little wikignomes for the natural world. Marcos 18:17, 25 October 2009 (UTC)
Indeed - it has so much potential to change the way we as humans interact......... Wikademia


Commons + Wikis + Capitalism + Internet + Communitarian ideals ......

Open company

Open company

page creation requests

content that may be deleted without mercy to my chagrin


The government taxes its people.

This is not a given. While taxation of income is the norm in many countries, it is not a general principle of government, nor is it likely to lead to the most efficient and fair re-payment for use of public goods or "the Common" (since there is a very poor relationship between income and net public expense). Since the government is by and for the people, the people must dutifully ask: "For what purpose and in what manner do I want to give resources back to the public fund?"

The government should display exactly where each dollar goes to the people. Ideally, this falls under the rubric of radical transparency.

There are certain fixed items. And there are certain items that are allocated later.

Every dollar should be posted online automatically as it is allocated to groups/grants/causes/buying/etc.


GDP, etc.

Hey. Just wanted to point out that it's helpful that if you're going to create a page like GDP (taking it off the WantedPages) but not add any content, then at least add a STUB tab so that it is still on the radar somewhere for those looking to contribute somehow. Otherwise, the wikignomes don't know that there's a page somewhere looking for support. (See also Help:Contributing).


Hey, what gives? You've got two recently added duplicate pages without any content (Taxes and Taxation). Even more bizarre is that the content you do have is on your personal page. Perhaps I'm being too pedantic but wouldn't it be better to create a page that lines out the general idea of what you're trying to accomplish with all these topics (keeping them as dred link references) rather than leave orphaned pages that a month from now will hardly be on anyone's radar? 04:04, 12 January 2010 (UTC)

I dunno; maybe. maybe not. whose to say? how would we measure this? what would we be trying to measure? Wikademia