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Presentation of Magnusgus, Aktivdemokrati

Hello, all!

I was informed of this promising initiative months ago by Aur but havn't had the time until now really, to get involved deeper. I tried yesterday to read in the ml-archive but time is limited... And since you don't seem to have created any forum yet, I find it very difficult to find relevant info in an effective way. Instead I try to tell you a bit about me and my party here in Sweden and if someone thinks I should put this info somewhere else, just tell me.

I think we have many principles and ideas in common. :[1] ,is a swedish party aiming for the swedish parliament and we got 81 votes in last elections 2006. There is a 4% barrier in Sweden so we have a bit still..

Aktivdemokrati, AD, is a direct democratic party which will force our candidates to vote in the parliament exactly as the members of AD decides. We have contracts binding them to do so including limiting their personal salaries and other benefits. From a legal point of view we can't see why this would be less legal than the current system of top-management by a party-board as a follow of some government deal or such, despite the law stating "personal responsability" (what now is meant by that..)

Our principles are strictly direct democratic as can be read in our party program: [2]

Please read it and give your comments! On this page to start with (?)

Some more info in english can be found here: [3]

I think AD:s biggest problem now is that we have no software fulfilling our manifesto with the democratic constant which we find so very important.

Best Regards, Magnus Gustavsson

Dear Magnus,
thank you very much. It all look really really interesting. I think that if we can provide for your party the kind of software that you need this would be very good for both on many many ways. You would have found the software, we would have got visibility, and more important of all have found the type of feedback that can cut through many discussions.
What I think is important is that we don't just write the software that you need, but try to produce some software which can be used by your party as a particular case. Maybe by tweaking the parameters in some ways.
Finally, welcome. Please feel free to join us in producing the software, if you feel like.
--Pietro 10:18, 30 July 2008 (UTC)
Well, thankyou!
I agree that a particular case is the best approach for this project.
Basicly what's needed is possibilities to turn different functions on and off, the democracy constant, the scoring etc.
I find the scoring a good complement though, a new tool in the toolbox for the members of a party.
Great to have you aboard, Magnus. Sorry that the current site is somewhat ungainly: there is no perfect mechanism for a project of this scope, but hopefully as more people participate, the wiki will become more accessible.
Separately, I wanted to ask if your organization is in any way affiliated with Demoex (Wikipedia article). That looks like a reasonable attempt to do a sort of short-circuit on representative democracy from within the system.
In any event, it is great to have your involvement, and I hope we can work together to develop this software to a point where your group will find it useful. — Ed Pastore 16:01, 3 August 2008 (UTC)