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<<Was: Larger desires of society>>

While each individual within society may have their own individual goals and desires, it is important for a healthy cohesive society to have some common goals or at minimum, some common values--a foundation and common bond in which to organize and hold cohesion. Note that each of us operates with a foundation of some meta-order -- those rules quietly internalized within us which motivate every act, just as the cells and organs of our body operate under the meta-order of YOU. ...Life reaches towards the sun, it seems only natural that the human spirit would need something transcendental to reach toward and motivate it in perpetuity.

So what does the Body of Humankind want for itself? Otherwise, for what purpose does it desire to come together? The turning point, or paradigm shift facing mankind is that all past governance has focused on managing the Will of Man, channeling the predilection for personal gain and immediate gratification into more sustainable avenues that promote the system as a whole. Notably, the explorations (and limitations) of individual Will, whether personal or national, culminated in World War II with the atom bomb, the Cold War, until it finally collapsed in expensive futility. There is no real winner in a Will-centered scenario; at best, it can only achieve a temporary, pyhrric victory. However, as globalization has reached its terminus, a new possibility has raised itself beyond such "Mutually Assured Destruction" which has never really been available before -- a shared, global community that recognizes the value of diversity and everyone within it. The Internet is the medium for that message. It could be said, perhaps, that Metagovernment is its Operating System and Metascore, its kernel.

Without an artful or transcendental purpose, technological or economic achievement is vain, destructive. Efficiency and production in such a system are not sufficient to create a sustainable healthy society. It needs to be driven by those who create and integrate feelings of awe, love, and beauty -- these will ultimately constitute the wealth of the nation as well as the individual. Ideally, the correctly designed governance model will elevate these automatically. But if users are more prone to simply proving themselves to others, it will only create willful edit wars where the end game is two opponents who, like before, have no obvious advantage over the other. There is no synthesis in this final end game. The best that one can hope for (if there is anything left) is mutual respect and admission of what a waste of time it was, trying to prove oneself superior in an arena where All are created equal. In absence of such a drive, one simply creates the beautiful, for its own sake, and when they meet each other again, that which each has contributed can be met with mutual respect and admiration.

So seek to maximize harmony and beauty at every turn, every choice. Foster trust: Give a surplus to one who is deficient. Teach those who don't know. And handle others with care. By helping all succeed, the body of life is kept healthy and strong and reflects well of and to the self. Let every act hold a note of impeccability, of striving toward perfection. In this way will and love, contracting and expanding, two fundamental forces of life stay close and work together. It is important to note that will without love is destructive and vain, devolving into meaninglessness. Similarly, love without an attentive will is depleting, vulgar and eventually results in ennui. Each needs the other for a healthy dynamic. See Taoism.

Wiki itself is an expression of the subtle order of mankind, and of the Tao as can be seen on wiki's original incarnation: the WikiWikiWeb.

Emboldened with a transcendental purpose, see Mission and vision for how Meta-government hopes to meet it.