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My name is Gustavo Conde Menezes, born in 1978, Brazil. I am a biologist, have a PhD in Cell Biology, and work as a researcher in Cell Biology and Bioengineering.

My interest in the project comes from the curiosity in open source governance, rather than a true belief that this is the best way of governance. I have a position of disbelief in the current model of Representative Democracy observed around the globe, which I find to be an ingenious form of Plutocracy. I have also a long stand of sympathy for Athenian and other forms of Direct Democracy, so this project seems quite interesting.

"I say again that, because we don't expect to overthrow governments, abolish world capitalism, make civilization vanish, turn everyone in the world into walking buddhas, or cure all social and economic ills, we don't have to wait for anything. If ten people walk beyound civilization and build a new sort of life for themselves, then those ten are already living in the next paradigm, from the first day. They don't need the support of an organization. They don't need to belong to a party or a movement. They don't need new laws to be passed. They don't need permits. They don't need a constitution. They don't need tax-exempt status. For those ten, the revolution will already have succeeded. They probably should be prepared, however, for the outrage of their neighbors." (Daniel Quinn, 1999)