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Hello everybody! My complete name is Matías Federico Battocchia. I'm from Argentina, currently living in Buenos Aires (Belgrano neighbourhood). I'm an undergrad student of Physics at Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Contact address: battox(at)gmail(dot)com.

About me

Nowadays I study full time. Some time ago I used to work for an automation company as a PLC programmer; there I discovered that I really like to automatize machines, so then they could do their repetitive and boring tasks by themselves. Back to what I'm dedicating now, only I can say that I don't think of me as a scientist in the future, guess I'd rather to apply science than produce it.

My personality is open-minded and composed by opposed elements (generally in a non equilibrated way). There are two things that I appreciate the most: creativeness and vanguardism. Lately, organization —both personal and social— has become a kind of obsession. In "the real life" I comport somewhat asocially, but that depends on the day.

I enjoy reading, snowboarding, and photography; also I consider myself an audiophile.

Some words about Metagovernment

It's weird, but being human doesn't assure you the possibility of design a government system that applies completely to the users of that system. I think while theorizing one tends to "what it would be" instead of "what it could be"; of course, the first has all the attractive of utopia. Systems ask to a social group in question to adapt at them, which almost ever finds extremely difficult or even impossible to reach the necessary state required by a particular setup for its proper functionality.

In order to confer Metagovernment high adaptability —more of this, faster and wider its spreading— an effort in developing each part of this project having in mind the human behavior should be done, I mean aspects such as its selfish nature and the less effort principle. To learn and be close of the human side (the practice of this theory) we may require "test fields", hybrid organizations that take decisions as usual but also with Metascore while it's being raised.