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My name is Christopher Humphrey. I'm really not that interesting. But since you asked...

Personal History

I was born and raised in southern California in the United States, obtained a bachelor's degree in Computer Science there, and am currently working as a small-fry QA engineer at a technology start-up in Silicon Valley.


Ever since a conversation with one of my schoolmates back at college (a philosophy major) I've been thinking over what makes a government legitimate, what makes it effective, and what makes it robust in the face of attempts to subvert it. However, I've never really been satisfied with my own ideas; after all, one guy is unlikely to come to any useful conclusions about the interactions and frameworks of society by talking to himself.


  • I'm an Administrator at this here Wiki. That means, sometimes I have to do administrative things. If you want me to do a specific thing in this category, or want to discuss a thing I already did, hit up the talk page.
  • Unless otherwise specified by me, I hereby release all of my contributions to this Wiki into the public domain. This applies worldwide. If this is legally impossible for a particular contribution, then unless otherwise specified by me, I grant anyone the right to use that contribution for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.