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My name is Paul Codd-MacDonald. I was born in Scotland and currently live in Edinburgh (although I am planning to move to Barcelona later this year).

My undergrad studies were in Energy Engineering but I have not worked in that field professionally. I also have a post-grad certificate in Management Science. I am from an internet background (since 1996/7) and have produced/project-managed many of Scotland's highest profile websites including the Scottish Parliament. I am currently self-employed as a Management Consultant working mainly with government departments and local government. I also publish a community website for Marketing professionals which is being re-developed in open-source software (Drupal for those that are interested).

Over the last 5 years I have been increasingly struck by how our current representative democracy is not serving any of its stakeholders other than a very small number in the centre. I have had a number of conversations with NGOs, senior government officers, and politicians that have made it clear to me that they feel very restricted by the system in what they can actually hope to acheive in their roles.