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Following are a list of upgrades to the wiki which have been requested but not yet completed.

Items are listed in order of liklihood to happen next.

Install bulletin board

  • Decide on software and modules. Desired features in order of importance (most-to-least):
    • Free and open source software
    • List server integration. Should at least be able to post notifications of new-topic-creation to the startup list.
    • Easy administration (probably excludes phpBB... might exclude myBB if modules required, as some people complain that modules are unstable)
    • Login integration with OpenID, or perhaps with MediaWiki
  • Install and setup on tuxfamily.org

TuxFamily migration

Migrate entire site to Tuxfamily.org, where an account is already set up for us. Currently at http://metagovernment.tuxfamily.org/ but will end up at simply metagovernment.org.

Migrate mailing list

  • Open a trial list. Look for potential problems down the road.
  • Figure out how to migrate both Mailman and Pipermail intact

Migrate wiki

  • Install on Tuxfamily site (in /w) directory)
  • Suspend editing of current wiki
  • Backup database
  • Restore database on TF site

Migrate metagovernment.org definition

  • work out if piecemeal (i.e., one subdomain at a time, or all at once

Migrate forum hostname

  • Change forum's URL from metagovernment.tuxfamily.org to metagovernment.org


Follow procedure on: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:OpenID


Check hosting for php-openid. May not be able to do it. See: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:OpenID#Pre-requisites

I'm about start paying a virtual private server at A2 Hosting. As it is more flexible than a simple web hosting (root access for example), we could install php-openid and the move the wiki there. --Matías Battocchia 07:01, 28 November 2009 (UTC)


  • Change copyright - 2011-03-03 - Migrated from CC:BY-NC-SA to CC:BY-SA license as prerequisite to TuxFamily migration.
  • Upgrade ConfirmEdit - 2010-11-25 - Upgraded ConfirmEdit to latest version.
  • Upgrade MediaWiki - 2010-11-25 - Finally upgraded from 1.12.0 to 1.16.0.