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The Press represents a special power within the forces of governance. They should focus on one level of government (national, state, county, etc.) and allow other papers to fill in the details elsewhere.

Excellent duties of such papers:

  • A weekly column for the Executive, giving projects in progress and the status of same (proposed project budget: yes).
  • They can request a comment from the Judicial Branch on any policy set and approved by the Executive (not Bills that have not yet passed) or enforcement actions (perhaps reported by the paper).
  • Monthly sales tax revenue and spending reports,
  • Annual income tax revenue and spending reports should be sent to the next higher level Press.

These are guidelines, as the Press is not an official part of government, but any citizen should be interested in how their government is working. These figures allow citizens to develop awareness, critical inquiry, wisdom, and responsibility.

Any printed media for the public more than 1 page must have an address or contact on the printed material for correspondence. Any printed media meant for the public of more than 10 pages must give a contact for the editor: phone number, email address, or both.