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The glaring ineffectiveness of our existing institutions

Our present systems in many ways has culminated into a "stock show" where one parades one's assets in front of the judges, waiting for approval and delegation of authority from the existing bastions and power-holders. These top-heavy economic and political structures are presently too heavy and unresponsive to utilize the value of the ascending human spirit.

There is also the poor environmental stewardship: what mechanisms in our institutions give voice to those who have none? How do millions of underserved individuals compete with monied political action groups which can afford to send delegates to political functions and exert influence?

It is not sufficient for the leaders of our institutions just to take the stored value from nature and burn it to increase production, one must examine the mechanisms which actually CREATE value, find them and nourish them. --that would be us :)

It is perhaps worth noting that there are two primary sources of new value: the churning of data in that crucible of the mind to produce a synthesis (mental effort), and the actual steps of physical effort and work to manifest the idea into reality. Put together co-operatively, this synergy transforms effort into joy. The value of that which is created is enhanced likewise. The whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

It is not enough to move value around (the historical economic measure of value, GDP), one must cultivate the means in which new value is actually created. These are the artists and the geeks whose creative value is typically unfairly traded and exploited by those who have the means to hold their livelihood in question (property holders, for example). In other words, those motivated by beauty, love, and elegance.

It is worth the effort to built this concept, and this site is a great place for it.

  • The web address (.org) is non-commerical. It's not here to profit.
  • The software (MediaWiki) and operating system (Linux) which run the web site are open source and free.
  • the web site and its founders are committed to perpetuating the free philosophy while sophisticated enough to have smart ideas to make a meaningful contribution.
  • It's managed in an adhocracy which is critical in the beginning phases of something so radically new.
  • It's mission is nothing less (even if it doesn't know it yet) than the complete restructuring of society.

The metagovernment project and metascore are aimed to be potentially so much more effective that what any government has *ever* had even the *possibility* of utilizing before. A bottom-up method of organization to complement the historical top-down institutions is *radically* new.

Think about it, for the last 5000 years (probably since we began recording things), humans have been building up bigger and bigger top-down (and often coercive) power structures. Each of our institutions: political, religious, educational, economic is a top-down, parent-to-child kind of power structure--largely because, up until the last century, the *vast majority* of humans were illiterate and uneducated (*and* we've never had a technology that allows for such large-scale, bottom-up organization such as the internet). The glaring ineffiveness of these institutions is now showing itself in the standstill of the global economy which for the last few centuries has propped itself up on the artificial largesse of nature and calling it "prosperity". It's transferred that value by recklessly consuming or exploiting the majority of its earthly inheritance (fossil fuels, genetic engineering, etc), that, by storing solar energy into the chemical bonds of organic matter, has taken the earth a billion years to accumulate. Think about the scale of the waste we've made of it, treating all that capital as if we're *earning* it, and burning it all in a few hundred years time.

In any case, we've learned to just take these institutions for granted and call it all "normal" without realizing just how coercive most of it is: most people give the rest of their lives to a system which really doesn't care about them (religion, the exception, had to be invented to medicate against this fact). Like a devil's bargain (cf. Stockholm syndrome), people sell their soul in exchange for "security" -- "Hey, give us 80% of your waking life, your dreams and we'll keep you fed with a roof over your head," exploiting the fear of being alone and a "worthless loser in the gutter..." (which of course *they* put there). But, hey, there is some argument that this has been mankind's journey and destiny ever since it partook from the Tree of Knowledge to be independent of G-d. Perhaps this project will "wrap it up", so to speak, and complete the Hebrew story line which has so dominated world politics for the West.

If there's any doubt that the system have been build coercively and that we've been hostages, consider that every culture that our civilization has encountered has had to be beaten over the head or killed to maintain the threat for control. ....Could you really leave the system if you wanted to? Regardless, as obstacles points out, we're stuck with it and better to reform it to our standards than start another pointless conflict which only switches the direction of the oppressor. Marcos 21:14, 3 November 2009 (UTC)

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