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Another good example is from an evolutionary biological point of view: At some point, billions of years ago, the wars that individual cells had between each other must have met a final boundary position and had to turn back towards itself and master inter-cellular communication and signalling. At that point, the dominant force changed from Will to something akin to Love, and/or blind loyalty to allow multicellular co-operation. The force that allowed billions of cells to work together cannot be adequately explained in some sort of "allies of evolutionary war" model--it simply cannot account for the degree of stability and longevity of such extremely complex organisms. There would have to be some complete sort of ego (or self) ablution. One could explain, biologically, that love and blind faith were simply the solutions that evolution just found that happened to dramatically facilitate survival. Each is a sort of a complete "fall", of trust, into the system as a whole.

However it should be noted that blind loyalty is only sufficient in the face of extreme fear and anxiety of death. While that would likely account for reptilian life, something greater would have to be in play to account for the rich, beautiful life of the mammalian kingdom. There could be other uses, however, for such a force. It would be more akin to faith in this case and the use would be to unite a particular vision or dream. It is such the case for me, having seen the power of love and the boundlessness of what the Hebrews call the ein sof. For me, that entrance was through the world as depicted by don Juan and the Toltecs, as written by Carlos Castaneda. As such they call it the third attention.

In this comparison, our current human society, as an intelligence separate from the body, is at the stage of the reptile, and dominated by sentiments and fears of survival. It is my opinion that humanity, having started the journey of perfecting the "inter-cellular" communications (i.e. the Internet), is at the cusp where true communal organization will emerge. Marcos 04:57, 11 May 2010 (UTC)