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There are two allies and two heuristics (modes of thought, in this case) to counter-balance the enemy. It says something that there are two allies for the two enemies. Most of the time, the odds are stacked in a person's favor, but in this case of leading, there exists always a tension with the rest of the world. YOU must be the master over them otherwise they will be over you. Then, you've lost. The "modes" are items which the leader must take as a personal risk and will define themself. Each of these four aids are composed of two mutually exclusive choices or ideals. YOU must find the right balance of when to utilize each. There are no shortcuts here and each situation is unique.

  • Mining for Data vs. Just Keeping Alert
  • Feather in the Cap vs. Making Community Successes


  • Risky, Decisive Actions vs. Calm Presence and risking doing nothing
  • Pushing Things Along vs. Going with the Flow

The Data Miner, Purity, The President-elect, and The Delegator. For women, you might need to connect to your community rather than "mine the data". And rather than "pushing things along", it might be more "communicate to your stakeholders". Stay in-the-now with these and your community will be guided to success in no time at all.