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Things for potential leaders. Able to get elected to power via the fractional vote. To do this, you must think about these things to get people thinking how you will help the community:

  • Underutilized buildings downtown. Yes a leader can claim some title via eminent domain. The purpose is to stimulate economic development. One idea is to create an incubator: a test shop for people to build things and test out business development ideas.
  • Ability to appoint a Judge if there is not one present -- can utilize a school building or other community building.
  • Think about where public, legislative meetings should occur, but the key interaction in the beginning is open door access to the elected official to hear what the community wants.
  • How to structure and re-structure your taxes. Income taxes can be set to a simple flat rate, related to ongoing costs of city items and should be denied to upper government if they're not spending it appropriately. Sales taxes should be the executive`s reward for stimulating local economic activity and reserved for new growth or projects, so think about how this should be structured. This is how to make tax policy perfect. Capisce?