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This page should probably be split out into several separate pages; one about each major subsection below. (written by Ed, moved here by Pietro)

agreed, maybe one page per example, and we keep here a 1 paragraph summary. I think it is really important to have all the summaries in one page. Maybe we could also use more than one column--Pietro 21:49, 4 July 2008 (UTC)

OSNews: "Implicit Trust"

I'm putting this in the 'discussion' tab because these rules are not being enforced by software, but are simply guidelines. Feel free to move this to the main 'page' if it applies...

OSNews Ditches Forum Rules, Introduces "Implicit Trust" --


I would like to also see a list of sites and/or software that do this 'wrong', with descriptions of what is happening, and conjecture about what should be changed.

Human Dictatorship and/or Committee

Another approach to 'on-line' governance that is commonly mixed and/or added to mechanical (software based) governance is through human intervention.

Obviously there are too many to list them all; I'm only suggesting there may be some wisdom or counter-wisdom to be harvested...

  • Almost any 'forum' or 'wiki' or 'email list' with admins and/or 'officers' that enforce arbitrary morals.
  • is said by many to be overrun by "edit nazis" that quash freedom. It is an interesting problem, because on the other hand there are SPAMbots and trouble-makers that would soon destroy the system...
  • A possible counterexample might be (caution, not work-safe). I don't really know how they operate, but imagine it is quite "open ended".