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We have our goals (with desired deadlines) in Community Portal. This page is redundant.

Following is the timeline for development of the Metagovernment and Metascore projects.

Please edit this as you are able.

  • March 2007 (done) – Publish pre-editable website at See the Archive.
  • August 2007 (done) – Initiate Metascore open source project on SourceForge.
  • December 2007 (done) – Publish, with preliminary description of math and software.
  • April 2008 (done) – Form the Startup committee as a list server.
  • June 2008 (done) – First IRC meeting of the Startup committee.
  • June 2008 (done) – Open the list server and wiki to the public.
  • August 2008 (done) — Publish initial plan and timeline for development of Metascore.
  • February 2009 – Begin publicizing project.
  • March 2010 – Metagovernment begins opening websites for community governments.

All future events in this timeline are subject to change.