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This is the page for Meeting 9 of the Metagovernment project.


It is proposed we hold the meeting by voice on Skype, with PiratePad as a supplemental shared notepad.

The PiratePad page for this meeting is at:

Date and time

The meeting will be heldSunday, June 26, 2011 at 15:00 UTC.

Use this time conversion tool to help you find the time in your zone.


Please add your Skype handles below. In the days preceding the meeting, you will each receive one or more "contact requests" from other attendees. Answering in the affirmative will add you to the other's contact list, and he/she to yours. Skype conference calls are based on contact lists.

  • michael_c_allan
  • thomasvonderelbe
  • pietrosperoni
  • asv133 - Armando Vieira
  • edwardpastore
  • stevengans7777
  • metapolitik

Just prior to the start time (if we're not late setting it up!), you will receive a Skype call inviting you to the meeting.


  1. Detail, explain, discuss pollwikis and Crossforum Theatre. More specifically:
    • Present it for members who have not been involved with the development.
    • Raise any problems or opportunities related to these facilities.
    • Discuss the problems or opportunities.
  2. Presentation of progress from active projects.
  3. Solicit testing help from attendees.
    • In the case of crossforum and pollwiki, if any attendee knows of places where people are actively engaged in practices of collaborative governance or online democracy in general, please let ThomasvonderElbe or Michael Allan know (prior to the meeting if possible).
  4. Discuss site migration to Tux, and implementation of forum.
  5. add here


Out of respect for people's time, this presentation is likely to be extremely short (a few words at most). The list archive has several months of discussion that amount to a longer presentation, which attendees can read on their own time. ~Michael Allantalk 14:22, 23 June 2011 (EDT)

As noted on the list, I suggest that discussion of crossforum and pollwiki should be more than a brief overview. That "several months of discussion" is very technical and somewhat difficult to follow. It would be extremely helpful to others to have some of the highlights presented in a summary format. [Ed]

The summary I will present (not to preclude others presenting their own) is as follows: ~Michael Allantalk 13:19, 24 June 2011 (EDT)

  • Crossforum Theatre - Crossforum Theatre sits at the front end of the Outcast voting network. It is a free floating, user interface (UI) layer onto the network. The network may have many such UI layers, each optional in itself. Each independently serves to glue the disparate components of the network together in terms of user operability, giving to the combined whole the look and feel of a single "application".
  • Pollwikis   Pollwikis sit at the back end of the Outcast voting network. Pollwikis are shared databases. The network may have many kinds of shared database but it depends above all on the pollwikis. Each pollwiki is locally irreplaceable. It serves to glue the disparate components of a network cluster together in terms of data interoperability, giving to the combined whole the functionality of a single "application".
  • Outcast   Outcast is a communication network for public voting. It enables people to vote together on common issues while remaining free as individuals to choose their own facilities and methods of voting. Some methods of voting depend on external facilities such as drafting or discussion, and Outcast extends freedom of choice to those as well.