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This is the page for Meeting 2 of the Startup Committee of the Metagovernment project.

Please use the Talk page to discuss the meeting and/or the agenda.

Date and time

The second meeting will be held Saturday, February 21 at 17:00 GMT.

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For example, 17:00 GMT comes out to:

  • 09:00 AM United States (West)
  • 12:00 noon United States (East)
  • 05:00 PM United Kingdom
  • 06:00 PM Germany
  • 07:00 PM Ukraine

Proposed agenda

The following agenda is proposed. Please expand or edit this section as appropriate.

  1. Introductions and chat (limit 10 minutes); call to order.
  2. Status of Metascore development.
  3. Possibility of formal organization.
  4. FP7 project.
  5. Other actions needed (outreach, interface design, wiki expansion, coordination with other projects, etc.).
  6. Assignments for and commitments from members.
  7. Presentation at Transparency Camp.
  8. Open discussion about open source governance.
  9. Open off-topic discussion as desired until adjourn.


Please write your name below if you intend to "attend" this meeting. Even if you do not RSVP here, you are still welcome to attend.

Meeting minutes and transcript


  • Metascore needs one or two more developers.
  • Interface needs ideas and to be worked.
    • Ed will nudge Chris Ritter.
    • May will be a brainstorming.
    • Members have to perform at least one action in Metascore's demo during the next 48 hours after the meeting.
  • It is not clear to non-developers how PrototypeA functions, DVCS shall be explained.


  • Members can contribute to this important theme doing research in how to form a non-profit organization in their host countries, and posting the results in Startup/Organization.
  • DemocracyLab has offered itself to include Metagovernment project into its organization.
    • Viewed from outside, we will be able to raise money (i.e. receive donations) and be represented legally through DemocracyLab, because we would be "a part" of it.
    • From inside, things are going to be as usual, two separated projects. They will not take decisions for, nor money from us.
    • This en-masking operation can be temporal, till we create our own organization.


  • To participate it is highly recommended that Metagovernment belongs to an EU-based organization.
See the full log.