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An article has been flagged as a STUB.

Hello there friend. You have been directed here because the wiki could use your assistance on some content marked as "STUB". Generally this means that all or a portion of the article from which you came contains content which is not yet complete either in its purported purpose (or topic) or the editing and style therein. You are encouraged to nourish your wiki by helping complete the marked article (and removing its stub tab).

On the other hand, if in your intrepid travels across wikispace you encounter a neglected and incomplete article which has not been so marked, yet are just perhaps passing by and cannot stop to correct it, please mark it with a [[STUB]] tag to direct others here, particularly if it may not be obvious to others that the information is incomplete.

Marking a page as STUB serves two important purposes:

  • It lets people who visit the page know that the page is knowingly unfinished who may otherwise just see the page as a workspace or finished, but-just-uninteresting page.
  • It allows others who want to contribute to the wiki to find unfinished pages easily.

Place at the top of the section heading or article, as applies. But, please, do not use the marker just to tag areas which don't match your particular style or opinions.

On the other other hand, if you feel adventurous, click this to see what pages need help and start contributing to a new kind of democracy!

For information on editing, please see Help:Editing.

See Also: Wikipedia:Stub

Your wiki and nascent government thank you for your attention.