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Welcome to the Community Portal: This is the place where the project's members organize themselves and coordinate their efforts—so you should visit it often! If you are just getting started, go to the participate page first.

If you don't see much going on in the recent changes on the wiki, check the list server archive where much of our activity takes place.


From time to time, the community has online meetings. These meetings are always open to the public, and transcripts are provided afterward.


Meetings may be held on PiratePad. See individual meeting for link. PiratePad is an instance of EtherPad.

If there is any problem with that venue, we will fail-over to the default: the IRC #metagov channel of (see the Freenode home page).

That channel may also be used at other times for informal discussions related to this project. It is also the default fall-back meeting place if there is ever a problem with the or websites. All discussions on that channel should be logged and posted on this wiki.

Expanding the PiratePad Chat Window

To make the chat window larger in Firefox, follow these instructions:

  1. Install Firebug into Firefox:
  2. Open the meeting page in Firefox and click the Full Window button at the bottom.
  3. Right-click on the chat sidebar and choose "inspect element"
  4. In the resulting window, go up a few lined and select the item
  5. On the right side, find the element: "width: 290px;" and change the 290 to something larger (try 600px).

Help with IRC

Note: IRC is only a fall-back venue; latest meetings are being held on PiratePad.

If you are not familiar with IRC, you may wish to get a client in advance and play with it for a while to learn the ropes (it's relatively simple).

  • A cross-platform IRC client is contained in Sea Monkey, which is open source and available without charge.
  • Another great IRC client for Windows is Mirc.

To-Do list

Here you will find different tasks that you may want to choose to help with the project.

  • When you select a task and while working on it, please write your name next to it.
  • Be sincere and keep your statuses actualized. Remember that other members may base their contributions according to this list.
  • Tasks are ordered by priority according to our "mission and vision" (and common sense); when you add one, try to accommodate it in an adequate position.
  • Tasks considered completed should be erased from this list, to avoid other's waste of time.

Deadline work

Please pay special attention to these tasks, some of them might have to be finished very soon.

  1. (month day, year)

Special work

These tasks have no deadline, they are essential, specific and short-mid term.

  1. PrototypeA of Metascore is being developed, test the prototype. Post your feedback here.
  2. Research how to form a non-profit organization in your host country, and post the results here. Ed Pastore, Devijvers.
  3. Explain to the general public what a DVCS is, and how it works.
    1. This tutorial on Git which could be a good starting point: Understanding Git Conceptually.
    2. Some wiki's organized as a DVCS: ikiwiki, gazest
  4. Identify the project's stakeholders, and write them down here.

Continous work

These basic, general and long term tasks always require your attention. Almost every Internaut is capable of realize some of them, so you should pick from here when you want to contribute but no deadline work or special work fits you.

  • Maintain and expand the wiki. Targetrace, Matías.
  • Translate the most important pages of the wiki to your language.
  • Promote the project and its philosophy over the Internet and the real world, also recruit people of any field.


A discussion is done about an issue in order to produce a plan of action that would solve that problem: a resolution. As a registered user of this wiki you can participate in any discussion by:

  • Presenting proposals, possible candidates for the resolution.
  • Writing comments to the issue, proposals, and other comments of the topic.
  • Collaborating in existent proposals.
  • Also you can create a new discussion recognizing an untreated issue.

Discussions between the community must be evaluated in the terms of pure consensus; as we have not a voting/scoring system yet, proper to our basic principles. So, when all active participants agree within one proposal, this must be considered a resolution.

An important aspect to remark is that a resolution is in fact a living one, it could be demoted in the future by lack of consensus. It only dies when the corresponding issue is futile and does that too.

Decisions with a deadline

Please pay special attention to these issues, some of them might have to be resolved very soon.

  1. (month day, year) Issue: ...

Decisions without a deadline

  1. Issue: ...

Current resolutions

  1. Issue: Forming a formal organization, by Ed Pastore. Go to the discussion.
Proposal: Metagovernment becomes a coordinating group or tribe of related projects, rather than a formal organization, by Ed Pastore.


There are numerous administrative roles for the Startup Committee. Following is a comprehensive list of them, indicating who is currently filling those roles.

If you wish to be added as an admin to any role, please petition the Startup list server.

Primary accounts

The following account is to be ceded to the formal organization when it is created, or otherwise ceded to a collaborative governance mechanism if possible:

  • domain name registration.
  • Root account for website (including databases, etc.).

Hosting account

Currently this site is hosted on an account held by Ed Pastore. Hopefully we can migrate it to the new account set up on the hosting site. That account is set up under the group metagov, and it has the following users (admins):

  • Full (destroy) admin access to the project — Ed Pastore.


Administrators of the MeidaWiki wiki can move pages, protect pages, and have other escalated privileges. Bureaucrats can promote/demote other users.

  • Bureaucrat (can add/remove admins) — Matías Battocchia, Ed Pastore, Pietro Speroni di Fenizio.
  • Administrator — Christopher Humphrey, Paul Codd MacDonald

Start list server

The list server for the Startup Committee has an administrator and moderator role. The former has complete control, the latter can deal with fitered messages (such as spam).

  • Administrator — Ed Pastore.
  • Moderator —