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Currency based reputation system

This is a very fuzzy very rough draft idea at this point. It is proposed that a robust approach to reputation systems might emulate currency systems. The crux of the idea is that while individuals may recommend, compliment, or criticize other individuals the extent to which they can do so is limited by the finite resources they have available to do so.


each person is allotted 100 reputation tokens. in interacting with others they can compliment or criticize others. The can spend 5 tokens complimenting or criticizing others, 5 tokens are spent either way.

All transactions must be cited: reputation transactions are based on actions, you can't say that somebody is a bad person without a "because" (a date, location,description)

Compliments accumulate: tokens accrue to the individual they are given to. If you give five compliment tokens to someone else who had 100 previously, they now have 105 to spend.

The transfer of tokens is never permanent, it can be reversed at any time.

Staledating: tokens do not go stale. however, if a person uses all of their tokens, the oldest transactions will be reversed "forgotten" to free up the necesary tokens. The individual may "lock" a transaction to give it a priority above others so it will not be reversed.

Criticism depreciates: being criticized does not "take away" from ones pile of tokens. It does depreciate the total value of that person's tokens though. if a person currently holds 100 tokens (base) and has 15 compliments and 25 criticisms then the value of each of their tokens will be equal to (100+15-25)/100 or only 90% of their normal value. The depreciation formula can be more complex of course but that is the idea.

Diminishing returns: The impact of a multiple point criticism or compliment might be subject to diminishing returns, or perhaps more simply might just have a fixed maximum (say 5 tokens).

Expected usage:

A newbie in a given system will probably start by giving all of their tokens to the person who recruited or recommended them. This is acceptable and useful in that it encourages recruiting. As the newbie interacts with others, they will draw down the initial compliment or use it up entirely.

meatpuppets and reputation attacks: it is inevitable that any reputation system will be severely gamed in any way possible to destroy the reputation of opposing partisans.

  • no bystander ratings - you have to participate (be logged in) in a given event or location to register a criticism or compliment.
  • factional depreciation? - if you belong to faction x criticizing y, then all or faction x's criticism of y is subject to diminishing returns as an individual would.