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Features that need work have been moved to the issue tracker of the metascore prototype. If you are looking for something to contribute, here are some general pointers on how you might approach development.

The current developers coordinate their efforts through skype and personal discussions. If you are interested in participating in development, contact us on the Metascore development list to tell us about your ideas and the areas you would like to contribute to.

We encourage you to be take ownership of a function, as the Internet doesn't allow for the same level of communication as an office environment. Taking responsibility for your code and not expecting functions to be fully specified and dictated by others reduces communication overhead and speeds up development.

That being said, don't marry yourself to any specific design. After a function has been implemented, we may develop a clearer understanding of where we want to go. So keep your code flexible and don't attempt to make it perfect. Do short iterations and publish often.