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User stories provide imaginary users and scenarios which Metascore programmers can use to model likely usage patterns.


  • Average Ann is a interested in the activities of her communities, but doesn't have the time to contribute to discussions or writing bills. Her primary interactions are reading discussions, bill summaries and the scoring and tagging thereof.
  • Sir Talksalot
  • Quiet Contributor
  • Bill Author
  • Oliver Organizer
  • Spammbot
  • Troll
  • Programmer
  • Paranoid Anonymous


User accounts

  • Ann doesn't really want to create an account an log in every time she comes back to the site. After all she just want's to read some discussions, why should the system have to know anything about her to do that. The only reason she ever would make an account, is when she later finds out that you can't do score anything or organize the content, without having an account.
  • It's very important for Sir Talksallot that people read his messages. He want people to know about him and relishes the attention of other users. To focus that attention he has put some work into a catchy avatar, so people will recognize that he is the author of a message on one glance. He is of course also an avid blogger an hopes people looking at his profile will follow the link to read more of his great stuff.



  • Programmer/Contributor creates a personal copy of a community repository to work on and makes some changes to the repository. Sends a patch of the changes to another user with a copy of the community repository. Pull the changes from another user with a copy of the community repository. Submit changes to the copy of the community repository back to the community as a patch. The community decides to accept or reject the patch.