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Following is a draft of the script for a promotional movie about collaborative governance. Each paragraph is intended to be read by a different individual.

I used to believe I was free because I live in a democracy and have a vote. But now I understand that I have no real political freedom.

My representatives vote on issues every day, and yet I can only vote once every year or two.

By the time there is an election, the candidates have been chosen for me: I can choose between two strangers, neither of whom really holds my point of view.

When I vote, my vote does not affect the course of the election. I am told over and over that every vote counts, but the hard fact is that my individual action almost never has any actual effect.

Then one of the pre-selected candidates wins the election and is given the power of law over me, and I am powerless to disobey. This is why I am not free. People are put into power over me without my input and I cannot disobey them.

This is basically the same as having an aristocracy rule over me; only the process by which they come to power is different. They rule over me, and I must obey them.

The people who hold the power have very little interest in serving me. They get and retain power by catering to the rich and powerful. This is no secret. The press continually reports on the fundraising events, lobbying, and the influence peddling that occurs between politicians and the powerful interests.

This is not democracy. It is true that I do have certain freedoms: I can travel and I can freely speak my mind. But the important decisions in my life are made by an elite power structure which is completely beyond my control. What good is freedom to speak out if I am still powerless to actually change anything?

We believe that everyone can have real democracy. We are building tools that will enable citizens to take control of their destinies and be responsible for the governance of their own communities.

We are not interested in asking our politicians to change things for us. We are not interested in violence. Rather, we are creating a new system which can peacefully and gradually put the people in control of our own lives.

We call this system collaborative governance. It uses the power of internet-based collaboration systems to enable citizens to work together to build strong, rational government.

Collaborative governance is not about majority rule. It is not about voting for the most popular issues. Rather, it is a system which brings people together to build solutions that work for everyone.

We invite you to learn more about us on We invite you to help create real democracy, which is government of all the people, by all the people, for all the people.