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Following are resources and strategies for promotion of the Metagovernment project.

Publicity campaign

Following is the strategy proposed by Matías and Juan for publicity in Argentinean universities. The plan likely can be expanded beyond that venue.

The strategy

To place physical banners at the important Universities across the country, that redirect to the project's page. They are made in Buenos Aires and sent in packages to familiars, friends and contacts of other cities. We desire a wide coverage, and shall use a network to achieve it.

The ad

It's an optical disk (CD or DVD) with a stencil graffiti over the write/read-able surface. Its geometrical form distincts it from the cumulus of other political ads, that always are rectangular. The rainbow shinning calls for attention. It promotes with a succinct slogan.

Black paint suits well for CD's, and white for DVD's. Other colors don't achieve a good contrast. Matías Battocchia 04:13, 8 February 2010 (UTC)

Over the non-write/read-able side goes an adhesive layer protected by a removable film. This is to facilitate the task of placing the banners in walls.

To get disks cheaply we want to implement a recycling program: to give away a new disk in change of three used ones, for example.

We are going to produce the banners with money from us... Argentinean peso is devaluated, one dolar equals four pesos and one euro, five. So, small (but really useful) aids coming form the members of this list will be happily accepted.

The page

It's the Spanish Metagovernment version of the wiki, plus a university activism section. There visitors are encouraged to participate in the meta-project and/or projects, promote the political philosophy and support the movement. And when OSG tools are ready, to form open University political parties and gain control over Student Centres and Directive Commissions (dummy executives that follows stakeholders' decisions). If this happen in at least one Faculty of one University, the spread of this form of government over most of the higher educational institutions of the country (and some publicity as well) is straight forward. Then the society may know a possible political zenith.

The non-profit organization

We think to fund one (within a year?) and relate it to an account to receive money from national and foreign supporters. SMS donation seems attractive, and of course, all others paid methods such as PayPal will be adopted. Argentina has good and achievable human resources and infrastructure for IT, programmers will be hired to boost the developing of OSG software, and maybe we can have our own free hosting service for OSG projects. Also assistance —in the broader sense— to open organizations (such as open Student Centers) will be given.


A 30-second video was made for inclusion among other videos submitted for the 2009 Government 2.0 Summit.


Everyone is encouraged to create literature or to download this promotional literature and distribute it in legal, ethical means, such as posting it on community bulletin boards or handing out cards in person.

If you create other literature, please contact Ed to have it posted to the promo directory.