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This is a list of current, proposed, and past working projects of the Metagovernment project.


Platform expansion

Can someone flesh out this section? Not sure if I've named it properly, but I'm referencing this thread.

American Nonprofit

Ed is in the initial stages of setting up an American corporation to act as a subsidiary to this group.

See the thread starting here for more information.

As of September 8, 2013, the next step is to hire a consultant to advise on how we can have as open of a governance structure as possible while still complying with U.S. law. This step should be completed sometime in September.

Update on October 13, 2013: this project delayed slightly while we discuss some meta-issues around the structure of our own governance, which may help shape this next step. Still targeting the end of the year at the latest for this.

Metagovernment bylaws

A discussion was started about creating bylaws for this global organization. Can someone flesh out where we are on this at this point?

Reflective start

Use total reflectors to present definitive overviews of the technological field while simultaneously using the practical products of that field (including reflectors and reflective practices) to govern the provision of the same reflectors in a manner that sets an example of self-determination for the larger society. See also the (very rough) list discussion and tentative draft.

Subsumes and deprecates the following two efforts as instances of reflection:

Updated list of related projects

Revise, expand, and flesh out the list of related projects, merge it with active projects and numerous other lists. The new list should be flexible, using semantic wiki, and data in it should be time-referenced so that stale data can be flagged for update.

See thread starting here for more details.

Above is current as of September 8, 2013.

Crossforum theater [obsolete name]

Crossforum theater is a mechanism for enabling free-form aggregation of participation in disparate collaborative governance projects. Can someone flesh out where we are on this at this point?

  • The name may be obsolete; it conflicts with usage in Votorola where "Crossforum Theatre" refers to a UI layer. / Our last effort to carry the cross-project/cross-formal flag was six months ago with the Knight News Challenge/Free-range voting submission. If we try to carry it again, then we probably need to re-think our approach. ~Michael Allan


This is a section for future, planned, or proposed projects of this group.


This is a section for projects which have been completed or retired.