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Political power can take many forms:

Because of the pathologies extant in our current world, nearly all adult interactions are interactions of power because the system today is designed around scarcity and fear (have you obeyed?). The doctor, for example, and his medicine is a system of power. A system that may seem more real or legitimate because you believe in it`s underlying, generally unspoken, belief: empiricism. But empiricism is simply a philosophy of truth. Not truth itself.

Everyone needs power to live, from the tree, to the snake, to the wolf, to the ladybug crawling on your leg. The issue is: Is the power deserved?

It's not an easy question. It's been a nexus of conflict for millennia. Some Bibles called it the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

In order to answer the question yourself, and not fall prey to your own ego and self-delusion (remember nearly all of the Western world is trapped in it), you may need to take a little stroll down reality lane.