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...OR call it "new religion" because it marries both. Didn't think it possible, eh? Or, if you're in religion you didn't try. But, how does science account for all of the order of the universe? Oh right, it can't. Only due to the pre-existence of consciousness can you explain the existence of order and the laws of physics. Because consciousness can apply order and organize light. Capisce? Feel free to argue on the discussion tab.

Well, if you consider yourself a scientist, you should've known better because string theory already gave the possibility which allows both to be one: multiple dimensions of time.

STUB. Feel free to clean this up...

That's right. Here's how to understand the Biblical timeline in relation to the discoveries in the New World (dinosaur bones, native americans, etc):

Two axiis of time -- take 8 billion years of the science timeline and call it t2, then the seven days of creation we'll put on t1. Now there's prophesy yet to be unveiled, but 4 billion years can fit in one day of Creation. Then two billion for the second day where vegetation emerges, etc. Draw it like a sinusoid. It's a decreasing sinusoid ending (with some allowable tolerance) at day 7 where GOD rested.

Oh, and BTW, the Bible doesn't say that evolution doesn't occur in that other timeline, it just says that YOU didn't evolve. It shows: humans are the most destructive species of creation on the planet. What the Tree of Knowledge gave you was the sugar to give your brain that extra independence of thought. And what was that first thought: the self-awareness that you were naked. It took disobedience for that sugar to create self-awareness and not just some abstract thought. And there begins the Journey of Man -- and her/his Fall because you came from perfection.

Now the evolutionary timeline is used to create a Feynmann Loop: a particle/anti-particle pair for oil (fossil fuel) production between days 1 and 2 of Creation. But don't hang your hat on that, you still have to redeem yourself. No, Christian, Jesus didn't do it for you. You still have to grow up and take responsibility (Gen 1:27,28), just as any child who makes a mistake. Jesus just gave you more time and more heart in which to restore paradise, so you don't have to sacrifice more animals (where you wouldn't even be able to restore paradise, would you?).

That's one bit of new science (two dimensions of time). The other is that the universe is scale free.

Like relativity implied to the new agers, everything is relative, because there is no absolute reference frame. But there are two main rings (mathematical definition) of power: terrestrial and cosmic. The sun holds together as a spheroid because of the strong force -- the same force as the atom. "As above so below".

That means that there may only be two forces in physics (if we go by the convention of four main forces) -- one at the cosmic scale we call "gravity" but at the atomic scale we call the "the strong force" but they are simply two sides of the same force.

In the end, there are probably 3 main axiis of force, which makes 6 poles (due to 2 rings of power): electricity, magnetism, strong force, gravity, weak force, ???.

More on these topics later. But they change everything, like how quantum mechanics operates. If there's no scale then QM effects can be happening at the macro level. Like lasers, for example. Which, if not for QM-effects, would curve at the far edge as you spun it very fast.