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With the demise of the nation-state in the new global economy, the old forms of government are dead.

The next stage of humanity's evolution is pressing. The individualistic consumption-waste cycle is no longer tenable. The system must turn inward, inter-connect, and become self-sustaining.

So here we are creating humanity's next system of self-aware governance and to wish the old one a nice peaceful sleep in the convalescent home.

Every human being has basic needs for survival, without which it is impossible to build trust and respect. The purpose of government should be to make it easy for these basic needs to be met and then, get out of the way.

Manifesto of Rights:

  1. sleep: It's a low-impact activity. Humans should have as equal rights as animals. Re-evaluate issues of property.
  2. breathe: Fresh, clean air is good for the body, don't do things which make bad air. Evaluate the issues of externalities.
  3. eat: Food sovereignty. Earth makes food, it should be available to all who need it. Re-evaluate the issues of resources.
  4. eliminate waste: Done properly, this is giving back to the earth. It should not have to be a act subject to criminal proceedings. Radical recycling.
  5. free association: To form relationships with other such beings without being impinged upon. ==> This forms the next level of organization <==.

These form the basic foundation where we have to START. Now, let's talk about the heights of where we're going:

Manifesto of Principles:

  • Radical Openness: Everyone is invited to participate.
  • Radical transparency: Everything is recorded and subject to review.
  • Without consensus, there is no law. Consensus built through synthesis.

Video: Open Source Culture

In between the foundation (at the bottom) and the vision at the top, are the tools for a regenerative culture which will make it possible:

HackerWorldDomination: The central, self-organizing system that will span space and time to create the world's central nervous system.

Join us!