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The Metagovernment project supports internet tools to enable an Open Democracy.

Open democracy means:

1. everybody on the planet regardless of nationality, gender, age, ... is free to vote.

2. free to vote on every local, national and global issue of his/her concern.

3. free to vote at all times, 24 hours each day of the year.

4. free to propose own solutions and receive votes for them.

5. free to delegate one's own and one's received votes to whoever one chooses.

6. free to change one's own positions or votes at all times.

7. free to choose between different voting-tools but have one's votes mirrored to all the others.

8. free to filter all votes by all possible criteria, like nationality, age, ... or by trustworthiness of the used voting-engines or authentication methods, ...

9. free to verify the results.

10. free to run one's own technical voting-infrastructure, independent of governments, institutions, ... but connected to the rest of the voting network.