Egotistical bias

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Egotistical Bias is a very fundamental problem in politics, being the tendency of individuals or groups to have an emotional attachment to their own ideas, positions and vocabulary, and to devalue the ideas and opinions of others. Such a position can tend towards a vicious circle where the ego must assert itself again more strongly to maintain a threatened identity amidst a failed premise. The trajectory of such cases tends to escalate toward personal attack. Such trends must be actively engaged or suppressed--ignoring silently is NOT effective. See The Politics of Silence.

Successful collaboration requires that participants can weigh their own opinions more or less equally with the opinions of others. This is a very high standard, maybe only 5% of individuals (at all levels of education) can do this.

Most democratic solutions to overcome egotistical bias are essentially competitive in nature: a popularity contest or a power struggle. The solution for the former is greater education and counsel to equalize the supposed imbalance of information between individuals. Regarding the latter, however, one must continue the search for synthesis, knowing that there is no stable win/lose scenario. Don't say it too loud, but love and kindness is the only real solution to a power struggle. Together, they will either find the forgotten trauma which is [re-]creating the aggression or soften the edge of a belief until a greater solution can be found which doesn't require compromise.