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a list of tables that are conceptually required for a distributed mass-democratic web based deliberation engine anybody know of an existing example ????

note that except for a few "common" tables, information is optionally shared/sharable. the main thing is to standardize the columns.

it is unlikely that a CMS would use such a set of tables naively, but add-ons could be created to map existing data into feeds, or simply apply labels/microformats in html data.

major issues (common: 100 - 1000 active rows)

issue ID, english name,short description(100 words),shortdescriptionsourceurl,long description(1000 words),longdescriptionsourceurl,related issueIDs,rankimportance,rankpopular,dateadded,addedby,status(active or inactive),

minor issues (unlimited rows)

minorissueID, english name,jurisdictionID,

issue tags

tag (string), major issue ids, major issue ids,


id,postdate,relevant till date,author, authoremail, author's role, originalurl, stableurl, plaintext(raw), title, tweetsize, summarysize(250words), raw full text, formatted full text(html),formatting (application), metatext(whereas),license,links,citations,tags, issueID, minorissueID,unweighted rank,weighted rank,raw score,weighted score,scoremethod,rankmethod,

arguments/comments (on positions or issues)

id,postdate,relevant till date, author, authoremail, authorurl, author's role, originalurl, stableurl, plaintext(raw), title, tweetsize, summarysize(250words),raw full text, formatted full text(html), formatting (application), metatext(whereas), license, links, citations, tags, issueID, minorissueID,positionID,tags,



list of groups

  • actual organizations, websites, and socialnetworking groups.

groupID, name, jurisdictions,mainurl,ideologies,

list of national jurisdictions

list of regional jurisdictions

list of local jurisdictions

list of ideologies

list of movements

list of elections


list of cms(to translate formatting)