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Dynamic Democracy is a "digg for politics", a ranking engine for users to submit and vote on "bills" that they wish the government was considering. Rather than 38degrees' approach of vetting submissions and actually campaigning on them, we're letting anyone post freely and (if desired) anonymously, to see what ends up bubbling to the top.

The site came about in the wake of the Digital Economy Bill fiasco in the UK - when it became clear that the government really doesn't address the public's issues very well, we thought we'd like to see what the government would be talking about if the government was *us*.

It's only got a few users right now, so we're trying hard to get people interested and involved!

Dynamic Democracy (dynamicdemocracy.org.uk)

Dynamic Democracy is based on Drupal and particularly the Drigg module. They, and all modifications I have made, are licenced under the GNU General Public Licence version 2. I've not yet put up a source code download for my modifications, but just ask (the DD page has a Contact link top-right) and I'll send the code your way.