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Democracy 2.0 is a crowd-sourced decision making system like the rest of the tools available on this site. There's open-source legislation, commenting, "liking" legislation or comments, and of course a democratic voting mechanism itself. However, there are 3 key differences that make it superior to every other system here:

1) Identity verification using the US government's own voter look-up tools. No other existing system has a method of confirming identity with a centralized system. I believe this is imperative in getting old people/skeptics to trust an online voting system.

2) Integrated feedback. When proposing legislation via Democracy 2.0 you must fill out a field where you provide a feedback mechanism. If no mechanism is provided, it defaults to a survey of all voters asking the single question: "Did this legislation measurably improve society?"

3) Integrated crowdfunding. Instead of relying on tax dollars to execute legislation, users of this system can send money to projects they want to see happen, but require the authority of the government to execute in addition to money.

Citizens would have to elect a representative of this system to office. There's no reason he couldn't run as a democrat or republican, he just has to use this system to make decisions. If he doesn't follow this promise, the citizens need to find an elect someone who will.

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