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Das Ziel des Metagovernment-Projektes ist es, die Entwicklung und Nutzung von Internet-Tools zu unterstützen, die es den Mitgliedern jeder beliebigen Gemeinschaft ermöglichen, vollständig an der Regierung/Führung dieser Gemeinschaft teilzunehmen. Wir sind eine globale Gruppe von Menschen, die an verschiedenen Projekten zur Erreichung dieses Zieles arbeiten.

Wir erwarten, dass eine solche Regierungs-Software zuerst in kleinen Gemeinschaften eingesetzt wird und sich von da ausbreitet mit dem Potential, schrittweise viele Institutionen der repräsentativen Demokratie zu ersetzen durch eine neue Form der sozialen Organisation, der sogenannten gemeinschaftlichen Regierung.

Wir stellen uns eine Welt vor, in der ohne Ausnahme jeder Mensch in der Lage ist, substantiell an jeder Regierungsstruktur teilzunehmen, an der er/sie ein Interesse hat. Wir stellen uns eine Form von Regieren vor, die nicht nur offener, freier und demokratischer ist, sondern auch effektiver und weniger fehlbar als die Regierungsformen vor der Entwicklung des Internets.

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Teilnehmende Projekte

There are a number of active projects, among many similar projects, that are being developed by members of Metagovernment:

  • ABC of Metagovernment — unofficial information service. We are providing useful information for new members and visitors of Metagovernment.
  • Adhocracy — A drafting and (delegated) voting tool for small and medium-sized groups
  • Agora Voting — A liquid democracy social voting tool.
  • Airesis — The global social platform for participatory democracy available in 9 languages and 11 country localizations. Airesis does not consider liquid democracy a valid alternative and use a Schulze voting algorithm for multiple solutions. Airesis is developed in responsive web design to provide optimal access by mobile devices.
  • Architecture for a Democracy 2.0 - Paper, that elaborates a way of how to establish a hybrid of direct and representative democracy by using the means of modern infrastructure (i.e. computers and the internet).
  • Candiwi — Wiki software based on consensus, synthesis, and a distributed framework ("candid distributed wiki").
  • Citizen report — one-week conference of 25 absolutely randomly selected citizens about a political topic, getting lectures about topic and developing ideas together with experts and politicians.
  • Cyber Democracy - A concept which seeks to combine direct democracy with mainstream portable information technology such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Democracy 2.0 - A decentralized decision making concept seeking software developers. What makes this one special? Identity confirmation using the US government's own voter registration records and integrated feedback. General info Patent for Democracy 2.0
  • DemocracyLab — Software using participants' posts and votes to build a dynamic map of political thought designed to facilitate consensus and solve problems.
  • DemocracyOS - Voting platform
  • Determining Evaluation Voting — A quite advanced mathematical method to select a winner by letting voters evaluate(/score) alternatives. The method minimizes tactics and applies desired amount of consensus assign by a number.
  • Direct Congress We the People can Direct our Congress by selecting America's Laws online. Direct Congress allows any U.S. citizen to create and review legislation in a thoughtful forum. Our movement will support candidates who pledge to vote the way citizens vote securely online.
  • d!sco Network, The d!sco is the implementation of a meta discussion system. We rapid prototype an Ontology and Web API to serve as a data hub inside of a P2P network. Be involved!
  • Dynamic Democracy — An experiment that lets its users suggest and vote on bills that they wish the government was considering.
  • EIPW - Web-based tool collection for working on the processes proposed by the Architecture for a Democracy 2.0.
  • Eudemocracia — Activist Latin American NGO based in Buenos Aires city. It promotes the open democracy philosophy.
  • Evo systems - EvoA is running straw polls that will help you to understand and similar projects.
  • — An online general assembly platform.
  • Hyperarchy — Real time collaborative decision making based on the Tideman's Ranked Pairs voting method.
  • Indaba Application Network — The platform running WeVote (on Facebook) and ChoiceRanker.
  • Karari Participative Democracy and Constitutions Platform— Based on principals of Direct Democracy (liquid), this portal hosts hundreds of national and state constitutions whey users can comment, rate, discuss and develop their own constitutions and learn from what have been developed in other nation states. View all available constitutions here List of constitutions. and join us on facebook here Karari Global Participative Democracy
  • Leading Boards— portal is for Board members and their meetings where they can view documents and archives online plus e-votes, collaborative and networking tools.
  • Loomio -- currently in closed alpha, Loomio is an open-source platform for collaborative decision-making.
  • Liquid Feedback –– The legislation platform used by the Piratenpartei in various parliaments of Germany.
  • MetaPlan — documented structured brainstorming method
  • NationBuilder — The platform running The White House 2, and a growing number of other systems.
  • noddr - Simply the democracy
  • OpenAssembly — Direct democracy platform that employs Schulze ranked voting and configurable consensus and is designed to bridge the gap between real life and virtual decision making.
  • — A community-based hybrid between direct and representative democracy
  • Openpolitics — Canadian wiki based project for deliberation on political issues.
  • StratML — An American national standard (ANSI/AIIM 21:2009) for strategic plans, with a number of E-Forms authoring/editing interfaces and various service prototypes.
  • PeopleCount — A mechanism to gauge constituent opinion on a variety of issues.
  • Systemic Consensus — how much are You against the suggestions to vote for? SC gives You the method to build group consensus upon everybody's individual degree of being against a suggestion.
  • Telematics Freedom Foundation — Promotes democracy, including media and global democracy, through the promotion of telematic solutions (see linked page for list).
  • Vilfredo goes to Athens — Software which uses mathematical formulae to help participants build a consensus on an open question.
  • Virtual Parliament — UK site allowing anyone to suggest and vote on policies.
  • VirtualPol — The first Democratic Social Network.
  • Votorola — Software for building consensus and reaching decisions on local, national and global levels.
  • Votetocracy — US site allowing citizens to vote on bills in Congress and send those votes to representatives.

Metagovernment unterstützen

Dafür gibt es viele Möglichkeiten. ;-)
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Um dieser Gruppe Fragen zu stellen, treten Sie bitte unserer email-Liste bei. Wenn Sie Ihre Frage nicht in der Liste veröffentlichen wollen, schreiben Sie bitte an contact (at) metagovernment (dot) org.

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