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A community is any group which shares a common concern or interest. See the Wikipedia article on Community.

Governance Software

The collaborative governance software of the active projects is intended to act as the facilitator of governance of practically any community. There could be a separate instance of a software system running for each community, or communities could be defined through tagging (within one or multiple instances of a system).

For any particular community, there can be only one government, though there can be various inter-penetrating levels of authority and shared power (akin to municipal vs. federal governance). We have yet to define in what ways and by what means software will be partitioned, but the standardization project intends to build methods of free-range voting amongst discreet software instances.


Communities have various relationships to geography. Some, such as a watershed, are inherently defined by geography, while others, such as a professional association, may be completely unrelated to geography. Many, such as a national professional association, are partially associated with a particular region.

A person who does not live in a region still may be affected by decisions made in that region. See Talk:Basic_principles for a discussion of the implications on governance software and the Metagovernment.

We need to determine:

  • What needs to be accounted for in the process of communities making the right choices.
  • What rights and responsibilities do people have for areas of the planet's surface.
  • What "qualifies" people as having those rights.