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A remote draft is a formal draft that is stored outside of a pollwiki. All formal drafts in the present wiki, for instance, are remote drafts. Each contains a template call in the following form:

Place this template call above or adjacent to a high bracket marker <!--voHiBrac--> at the top of the page. Here is an example in wikitext of a complete draft page:

Marking a page in this manner enables a special toolset to appear. In future the exact toolset will be a user preference, but currently the only one available is Votorola's Crossforum Theatre stage. If it works with your browser (the software is still only a prototype), then you should see a black toolbar near the top of the page. It appears only in draft pages. If you wish it to appear in all pages (like in a pollwiki), then copy the following and paste it in your user CSS page: