Architecture for a Democracy 2.0

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The "Architecture for a Democracy 2.0" P21StruktDocEn.pdf is a paper, that proposes a concept of how to organize a hybrid of direct and representative democracy by taking advantage of the possibilities of modern infrastructure (i.e. computers and the internet).

To establish a hybrid of direct and representative democracy requires the adaption of the processes and the roles and responsibilities to the new paradigm. The "Architecture for a Democracy 2.0" describes such a new process. The paper starts with the analysis of the shortcomings of conventional democratic systems and from there elaborates the solution.

To our knowledge, this is the only concept so far that tries to bridge the gap between normal citizens, that do not want to spend too much effort on political work, dedicated amateurs, that want to help to improve the situation in their communities and political professionals. The "Architecture for a Democracy 2.0" intends to bring them all together in one place and get them to communicate with each other.

So far, the paper is only available in German, but the main processes are illustrated with diagrams, so you can get an idea of the concept, without understanding German.

The first implementation of the "Architecture for a Democracy 2.0" is provided by the Electronic Infrastructure for Political Work (EIPW).

The paper is hosted on the homepage of the Partei 21.

The concept is also available in German (the original version): P21StruktDoc.pdf