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Voting Theory

Voting Theory is the study that explores ways in which people can express their preferences among a finite series of options, and through an algorithm decide which choice should be taken as a society. It is in general considered at the base of the Democracy.

history of voting theory

Although there are more ancient examples of some intuitive studies of Voting Theory, usually the field is considered to be born immediately after the French Revolution. It was in the context of trying to build a perfect democratic society that the first precise mathematical studies were done on the possible different ways of vote.

ways to vote

ways to count the votes

paradoxes in voting

requirements from a voting system

Impossibility theorems

Arrow Impossibility Theorem

Positive and negative points for each voting type.

Relation Between Voting Theory and other Fields

Relation Between Voting Theory and Multi Criteria Decision Making

Relation Between Voting Theory and Social Welfare Studies

Relation Between Voting Theory and Fair Division Studies

Sources to know more