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My name is Ed Pastore. I currently reside in Virginia in the United States. I have a degree in philosophy and have worked extensively in information technology, web development, and internet publicity.

My interest in open, web-based governance started when I became an active editor of Wikipedia. The success of Wikipedia surprised to me, given that it was an open system: I had not realized that pure openness could avoid degrading into complete anarchy. In fact, it seemed like such a success that I naturally began to wonder why similar principles couldn't be applied to human governance.

I have long felt that representative democracy is hardly democratic. Here in the United States, true enfranchisement is reserved for the well-connected, and the average citizen gets a practically meaningless say in government. Why not, I thought, allow every person to contribute to every part of government as much as they please? All we would need is a way to moderate that participation. When I poked around on Wikipedia, I found there was already an article on open source governance, yet there did not seem to be any organization actively working to create it. Now there is.

I am a founder and spokesperson for this project; my primary contributions are in the fields of philosophy, web development, web promotion, and (reluctantly) project administration. One of my primary goals is to release project administration to the community.


I can be reached at epastore at metagovernment dot org. However, I am not "in charge" of this project (nor is anyone else), so if you need to speak with "the management," you may be better served by joining the Startup committee and posting to that list server. If you do not wish to join the list, then contact me and I may forward your message onward.

Also, sometimes I am active on Twitter at @epastore, however I do not guarantee I will always monitor that account.

Conferences & Presentations

Along with other members of this project, I present the Metagovernment project and its ideas at various conferences. In 2010-2011, my time has been particularly scarce, so I have not been available to present often. However, I am willing to open to presentation invitations for conferences/organizations that wish to learn more about the project and its principles. Some past presentations include: