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Following is a list of proposals which are being or have been considered by this group.

To make a new proposal:

  • Place a new section at the top (these are in reverse order)
  • Type PROPOSAL in all-caps and then a number one higher than the last proposal, and then the topic of the proposal
  • Make a bullet indicating the introduction date and author
  • Send an email to the Metagovernment list server with the subject line identical to the section title

Additional information about proposals may or may not be added to the section about your proposal (including subsections introducing sub-proposals). We do not need to track every motion on every proposal. Rather the point is to have one centralized place where we can see all main proposals, and one uniform format that brings proposals to peoples' attention.

PROPOSAL 2: Add yours here

  • Introduced ___

PROPOSAL 1: Introducing Proposals

  • Introduced May 31, 2014 by Ed Pastore