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Following is a draft of the script for a promotional movie about collaborative governance. Each paragraph is intended to be read by a different individual.

I used to believe I was free because I live in a democracy and have a vote. But now I understand that I have no real political freedom.

My representatives vote on issues every day, and yet I can only vote one time every year or two.

When I do vote, I can choose between two strangers, neither of whom really holds my point of view.

These politicians fight like crazy for my vote, but they don't care anything about me: they just want to get enough votes to get into power so they can start enjoying the trappings of power.

The politician who has the greatest power-lust is often the one that wins. They are the ones who will do anything to get elected, so they have a greater chance of getting into office. This doesn't mean they're the most qualified to rule over me.

And the main thing they do to get elected is to solicit contributions from powerful organizations and wealthy people. In exchange, they offer these people and organizations access. This is no secret: the press freely reports on fundraising events, and how politicians sell access to anyone who is willing to pay.

...still in progress: feel free to help!