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Following are ways you can participate in the Metagovernment and Metascore projects. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate as much as possible.


There are three primary ways to directly participate in the Metagovernment project:

Edit the wiki

Anyone may register on this wiki, and registered users may make edits to almost any page (changes to the home page should only be made if you have consensus).

  • You are asked to please create a user page breifly introducing yourself. Once you are logged in, you can find a link to your user page in the links at the top-right of any page.
  • Discussions should be conducted in the context of other pages in this wiki; either through dispassionate explanation on an article page, or more subjective discussion on a Talk page.
  • See the map of the site for an ordered list of links to its relevants pages, and the Community Portal for some current areas of concern.

Join the Startup Committee

If you wish to contribute significant time and effort into the startup projects for Metascore and Metagovernment, please visit the list server signup page. The committee consists of the active members of a list server and is organized as an adhocracy. When Metascore is stable, the committee will attempt to govern itself using that software (with the list server remaining as a fallback, since the software will be experimental and unstable).

  • After joining, please introduce yourself to the list and provide a link to your user page on this wiki if you have it.
  • Although familiarization with the list server archive before jumping in with questions and suggestions is highly appreciated, we know that analyzing it entirely requires a lot of time... reading the project's wiki should be enough; aid yourself with this map, a list of organized pages by a recommended order.
  • Do not forget to check the Community Portal often, there you will find what things are being done for the project.

Program Metascore

If you are a programmer, consider helping to program a prototype, to help us evaluate different scoring systems. We are using the django framework and python. You don't need to be an expert in python or django though, if you're familiar with web development or are at least willing to learn, please join the Metascore development list and introduce yourself. The programmers there will get you oriented.


Additionally, you are encouraged help promote the project and its philosophy by any of the following means:

  • Post about open source governance — If you participate in a web forum or respond to blog posts, write a message about this website and/or about open source governance and web-based direct democracy.

Need help?

If for any reason you have trouble with some of these participation processes, check the help section.