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Following are the mission statement and vision statement of the Metagovernment project. We are a global community of people working on various projects which further these goals.


The mission of the Metagovernment project is to support the development of internet tools which enable the members of any community to fully participate in the governance of that community.


The Metagovernment project envisions a world where every person, without exception, is able to substantively participate in any governance structure in which they have an interest. We intend for adoption of Metascore to start in small communities and to spread outward until it has replaced every institution of representative democracy with open source governance. We envision government which is not only more open, free, and democratic; but also which is more effective and less fallible than pre-internet forms of governance.

Basic Principles

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The basic principles of the Metagovernment project are as listed below.

This project upholds basic principles consistent with those developed in the free and open source software and direct democracy movements.

Common principles

The following two principles are generally held by every group and person participating in this community.

  • Government of, by, and for all the people – Anyone may contribute to any collaborative governance structure.
  • Openness in everything – All aspects of governance will be as open as possible, under the principle of radical transparency. All software and systems used to run administrations will be free, open source software and systems.

Suggested principles

The following two principles are held by some groups, and are suggested as mechanisms to make collaborative governance more sustainable in the long-term.

  • Without consensus, there is no law – Unless consensus can be reached on how a policy could address an issue, then there will be no policy on that issue.
  • Consensus through synthesis – When opposing views are presented, preference is always given to synthesis rather than either conflict or compromise.


Metascore — Govern and develop Metascore, the software to aid and manage community-based open source governance systems.

Standardization — Develop a general standard whereby communities using different online governance mechanisms can interrelate.


Objectives to be determined.


To be determined, yet see Stakeholders. In general, every person that exists within civilization. Not so obviously, all those affected by civilization, including many who cannot easily speak for themselves.