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# [[Government]]
# [[Government]]
# [[Representative democracy]]
# [[Representative democracy]]
# [[Participatory democracy]]
# [[Direct democracy]]
# [[Direct democracy]]
# [[Adhocracy]]
# [[Adhocracy]]

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The map page is intended to serve you as an aid to read the bunch of interconnected pages that form Metagovernment wiki in an organized and linear way. Do not bother in using article's internal links while following this guide, when finished you would have seen all the relevant information of the site.


  1. Community
  2. Government
  3. Representative democracy
  4. Participatory democracy
  5. Direct democracy
  6. Adhocracy
  7. Open source governance
  8. Radical transparency
  9. Voting
  10. Majority rule
  11. Tyranny of the majority
  12. Consensus
  13. Synthesis

The project

  1. Mission and vision
  2. Metagovernment
  3. Basic principles
  4. Organization
  5. Metascore
  6. Scoring system
  7. PrototypeA

Participate & Current work

  1. Participate
  2. Check the Community Portal to see other current items of interest and the work being done.
  3. To see the latest changes to this wiki, view the Recent Changes page.
  4. To see the latest conversations in the list server, check the Archive.

Further reading

  1. Good examples
  2. Related projects
  3. Metagovernment's Project Googol submission.
  4. Metagovernment's FP7 submission.