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This is the proposed "official" invitation letter to other projects, in accordance with the new mission of Metagovernment as a meta-organization.

Dear _______ Project,

I am writing on behalf of nine collaborative governance projects along with other individuals interested in open, internet-based democracy.

We are working to increase the level of communication and collaboration among similar projects.

In doing this, we hope:

  1. To benefit from synergy among the projects.
  2. To foster open discussion and idea-sharing.
  3. To avoid competition for users (voters) among us. Because this would unnecessarily slow down the e-democracy-movement as a whole. Therefore we think it is desirable to begin to define an "open source governance standard", in order to exchange user data between all of our projects.
  4. To agree on common technical standards, so our tools and systems can intercommunicate and inter-operate. We see the existence of multiple projects as the existence of different approaches to find the yet unknown solution to the 'creation of an open source governance system' for a healthier society. A mix of competition and cooperation seems the best strategy for answering this problem.

We believe a meta-organization would serve as a step toward this goal. We would like to invite you to join with us in building this meta-organization.

Metagovernment has long been the platform for our communication, and is in the process of transforming into a coordinating group for our various projects.

If you would like to join us, please join our list server at and let us know.


the individual members of the Metagovernment project