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Quick and excellent guide to wiki editing is found in this cheatsheet.


  • Be bold! ...but not too bold. Edits can be small spelling corrections, snippets of ideas, stubs for new articles, or whole paragraphs and pages ...but not personal criticisms please.
  • Post it and boast it: make new articles, file and tag them into a good category, and include useful wikilinks. See also Help:links for information on formatting links.
  • You don't have to wait until YOU have everything perfect before you contribute-- there's a whole community to help distribute and refine the perfect article. Better to give a small, unrefined snippet of relevant information or sketch of a needed article than lose it to the void of postponed perfectionism.
  • If you see a link in red, it is the wiki asking for a contribution on that topic. See also Special:Wantedpages.
  • Use caution when removing or changing a existing link so as not to create orphans--see if you can find a new parent for the previously linked-to page.
  • Wiki's thrive with constant seeding, feeding and pruning, but withers from hubris and neglect. This is your wiki-space, take care of it and it will become a great resource for you and all.
  • Assume good faith. Trust the wiki concept and your fellow wikihunes that evolution and convergence toward something useful (if not great and splentaskic) will occur. And if someone edits your article, please don't take it personally.

For more information, see How to edit a page and Tutorial. If your itchin' to pitch-in but have no concrete ideas of where to begin, go here!.

Thanks for your help!