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Following is the elevator pitch for the Metagovernment project. This is just a quick, natural-language summary. For more depth on what we're about, see the page on collaborative governance, and/or view our mission and vision statements.

Our elevator pitch

Every time we vote someone into power, we lose all control over the decisions they make until the next time we get to vote. Metagovernment is a global group of people creating internet tools that let you delegate your vote to whomever you want, withdraw it whenever you want, or keep it for yourself and vote directly on the issues that matter most to you.

By their nature, these tools don't work with a majority rule system. Instead, they use a sophisticated consensus model. Computers and internet connectivity really help with that. The amazing thing is, when people are forced to work together to create a solution that works for everyone... they do! And these solutions are much stronger, better, and longer-lasting than the decisions made by small groups of representatives who inevitably make political compromises, if not purely selfish decisions.

We're not expecting our tools to take hold in national governments at first. But voting for representatives happens in many different communities we're involved in: social clubs, nonprofit organizations, homeowner associations, community groups, school boards, and so on. We expect our tools to take foot in the smallest communities, and expand from there as people get used to the idea of taking control of — and thus responsibility for — their democracies.