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In accordance with the principle of radical transparency, all information about this project is archived and publicly accessible.

List server archives

Archives of the Metagovernment Startup e-mail list server (April 10, 2008 - present) are available at:

Archives of the Metascore Development e-mail list server (August 29, 2008 - present) are available at:

Website archives

Earlier versions of the wiki (May 10, 2008 - present) are available at:

Pre-wiki versions of the website (January 20, 2007 - April 18, 2008) are available at:

Wayback Machine archive of (strangely outdated):

IRC archives

Archives of freenode channel #metagov are stored at:

Meeting transcripts

Meetings are usually held by IRC, and a transcript of each meeting is then posted to this wiki. Visit the page for each individual meeting for minutes and a transcript.